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Automotive CEE Day (ACD 2024)

18 apríla 2024 | 8:00 - 19 apríla 2024 | 17:00

We would like to inform you about the upcoming 9th Automotive CEE Day (ACD 2024) event, which will be held on April 18 and 19, 2024, in Opole, Poland. The event is being organised by and is the largest automotive industry buying meeting in this part of Europe.

In the previous edition of 2023, 600 attendees representing over 420 companies from 13 countries participated in the event. During the two-day meeting, 1,900 appointments were arranged in advance through a dedicated online platform, with several hundred more interviews taking place outside the IT system, including at more than 70 booths.

Benefits of attending Automotive CEE Day include:

  • access to an online B2B appointment platform,
  • significant savings in time and money – the opportunity to meet at one time (on one or both days of the event) from a dozen to dozens of potential manufacturing and non-manufacturing suppliers,
  • direct influence on their meeting schedule (participants decide with whom they will meet in Opole),

My intention is to encourage ZAP members to participate in ACD 2024. The meeting in Opole is an excellent opportunity to establish new, both cooperative and sales relationships with many partners from CEE countries. Start of online registration: 8th January 2024.


18 apríla 2024 | 8:00
19 apríla 2024 | 17:00
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Opole, Poland